Keeping the faith.

We’re so sorry we’ve been silent!

Turiya has seen more changes in the last few months than we could have ever anticipated. When prisons and other facilities in Alaska were closed to outside volunteers (that’s us!) we found ourselves discouraged. What does this mean for the future of our organization and, more importantly, for our students both in and outside of the walls?

We are saddened to say that we have not been able to return to Anchorage Jail or Spring Creek Correctional as the prisons are still closed to outside volunteers. We are fortunate though to keep in contact with some of our students via letters and they are keeping their practices alive.

We are also happy to report that we’ve got quite the virtual schedule set up at some other facilities. Northstar Hospital, the Chanylut House through CITC, Wisdom Traditions Counseling Center, Alyeska Pipeline and Covenant House have all been open to virtual and/or audio yoga and meditation sessions. Turiya is alive and well!

And also…(drumroll please)….

We’ve got a 200/300-hour teacher training brewing!

It’s true and this is not your traditional studio training. Our training will utilize a variety of modalities to keep students engaged and constantly challenging and evolving their idea of what it means to truly practice with an emphasis on service. Interested? The full details are posted below:


Welcome to the Integration Yoga Teacher Training Program (IYTT). This program is based on the traditional form of yoga training. Prior to hourly based learning, students went to a specific location and learned from those more experienced. When ready, their instructors deemed them able to teach others. This helps explain the duration of our program. This length grants participants the space needed to develop an authentic practice and achieve confidence with the material. Since the historical contexts have changed we combine this approach with the modern hourly based model. Upon completion, graduates may register with the Yoga Alliance and meet its requirements for an accredited certificate. 

This training offers a course of study leading to both a 200hr initial teaching credential and for those interested in a 300hr advanced certificate. Both programs include the same core modules and requirements found in the 200hr study. After completing these, one may choose to complete additional modules and work satisfying the specifics for a 300hr level training. The basic certificate program will run from mid-October through the beginning of May. Those seeking to complete the 300hr extension have until the end of May to finish. 

Format: We refer to the IYTT as a hybrid experience combining several particulars. These include virtual learning, monthly themes, weekly topics, film, audio, small groups and self driven explorations. The Thinkific web based program will serve as our primary platform granting freedom to centralize everything in one place. We will record all lessons to facilitate convenience and as a reference for ongoing study. One third of virtual training may be completed from recordings. When and if possible we will gather in person at different venues around Anchorage. 

Essentials: IYTT will focus on four essentials intertwining throughout the duration of this training. 

1. Wisdom Yoga emerges from the wisdom traditions of the ancient world that have combined with contextual influences. Time will be spent investigating different streams of thought such as classical yoga, aspects of Zen, Taoism, and western mysticism. 

2. Practice Developing a personal practice is essential in order to guide others. We will delve into different expressions of yoga, class design, teaching modalities and theories of what it means to be an instructor. 3. Mindfulness Teachers must ground themselves in self-reflection, meditation and mindful living. One’s practice on the mat is only a small part of the picture. Who are you? What does it mean to live as a yogi in modern times? Topics such as understanding your unique outlook, meditation techniques and lifestyle will be addressed. 4. Service As we deepen our studies we will begin to notice how our practice provides opportunities to help others. Gathering inspiration from successful service projects students will design and carry out their own in the local community. 

Core Learning: Monthly core modules will immerse us into a variety of topics essential to the art of instruction. Examples include class design, sequencing, asana development, philosophy and trauma informed practices. These will be offered as virtual weekend retreats where we ask attendees to set aside time to focus on material. Rather than sitting in front of a computer for several hours, these will combine different virtual learning modalities, small focus groups and independent study. Alongside this, weekly evening sessions will support our inward motivation and ongoing study. 

Experiential Learning Plan (ELP): Every person has specific learning styles and interests. The Experiential Learning Plan helps us tailor this program to fit these particular needs. Working with an outline we will guide you through developing this at the beginning of the training. Once approved these plans will serve as a guideline for non-contact hours, service work and final graduation requirements. 

Faculty We will draw from the experience of select Turiya instructors who will be the backbone of our program. Expect to hear from Bronson Frye, Melanie Lombard and other Turiya supporters from here within Alaska to share their specialities with us. David Westlake will be our primary guide holding the space for the completion of this experience. 

Questions? DM us.

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Darcy is the co-founder of Turiya of Alaska, an organization that provides underserved and at-risk populations with access to consistent yoga, meditation, and related studies based in Anchorage, Alaska. Originally from New York, Darcy moved to Alaska in 2011 on a quest for epic adventure. When she's not in co-founder boss mode, you can find her working as a grill cook at an adorable breakfast cafe in downtown Anchorage, walking around gritty parts of Spenard shooting 35mm film, or freelancing for the Anchorage Press and the Spenardian.

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  1. Hello !

    I’m a Special Education teacher in Anchorage School District and I’m very interested in your 200 hour yoga teacher training! I have been wanting to take my teacher training for a long time, but hadn’t yet found one that seemed to embody the yoga values that I’m finding are lost important to me (providing access to yoga for everyone, giving back to your community, focus on mindfulness etc). I’m new to your organization but would really like more information about this teacher training and what it might look like for me. Please contact me at the below email with details and I look forward to hearing from you !


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